About the Show
About the Oklahoma Lottery Game Show

The final tape date for the Oklahoma Lottery Game show was August 20, 2008.

Entries are no longer being accepted.

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The Oklahoma Lottery Game Show is an exciting new 30-minute weekly television event brought to you by the Oklahoma Lottery. Every episode features 7 in-studio contestants playing two fun preliminary games, "Cash on the Line" or "Lucky 8's." There's also a Championship Game where two preliminary game winners battle the returning champion for a shot at $50,000 jackpot that could be worth over $50,000! The winner of the Championship Game plays the Bonus Game and returns for the next show as Returning Champion.

All episodes of The Oklahoma Lottery Game Show are taped before a live studio audience at the Stage Center in downtown Oklahoma City. Contestants are selected a few weeks before the show taping. For those players who don't make it onto the stage, there's still a chance you could end up a winner by being selected as a "Home Player."

To become part of the action, just purchase The Oklahoma Lottery Game Show Scratcher ticket. Find three "ENTRY" symbols and send us your ticket or enter online. You'll be entered into a drawing that could bring you down to our stage and send you home with a whole lot of cash.