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Status of Lottery Related Legislation from 2008 Legislative Session

SB 1427 and HB 3200.  These are the bills introduced to remove the profit restriction from the current Lottery Act.  Neither of these bills were taken up in committee and therefore were not passed into law.  For more on this issue, see the documents available under “maximizing revenues for education”.

SB 1795 was passed by the Legislature and signed into law by the Governor (SB 1795).  The bill requires the Lottery to transfer net proceeds to the Oklahoma Education Lottery Trust Fund on a monthly rather than quarterly basis to satisfy appropriations made to Higher Education and Common Education.  Impact on the Lottery is the loss of approximately $98,000 in interest earnings, thus lowering our net proceeds paid to the State.

SB 1946 did not pass.  It would have established a cash-flow fund to help smooth out the allocation of funds appropriated from the Lottery Trust Fund. 

SB 2173 did not pass.  It would have required a panel to conduct a study of the possible privatization of the lottery and make recommendations to the Governor and Legislature. 

HB 1441 did not pass.  This bill set up a new fund for the Department of Education to allocate funds to school districts twice a year. It was modified to require monthly deposits of Lottery Trust funds and monthly allocations to school districts. 

HB 2949 did not pass.  It would have required the Tax Commission to establish debts owed to various state entities, to inform the Lottery, and for the Lottery to “snag” any of these debts from lottery prizes.


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