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Press Release

Lottery Warns Oklahomans of Potential Scam

Oklahoma City (May 30, 2014)— The Oklahoma Lottery Commission is warning Oklahomans of a potential scam seeking to deceive consumers into believing they have won a lump sum of money from a Mega Millions sweepstakes game.

Most of the phone calls are coming from an 873 area code.  The scammer tells the person answering the phone that he or she has won a large sum of money and all they need to do to claim their prize is wire money to pay taxes on the prize in up-front payments.

“The information in the phone call is not associated with the Oklahoma Lottery,” said Rollo Redburn, Executive Director.  “The Lottery will never ask you to send an up-front payment in order to claim a prize. In addition we don’t know the identity of Mega Millions jackpot winners until they show up in our office.” 

The Oklahoma Lottery security department urges anyone who receives a call that could be a potential scam to contact the Attorney General’s Office (405.521.3921) or the Federal Trade Commission (877.382.4357). If anyone ever receives such a call, you can call the lottery to verify the source at 405.522.7700. 

All Oklahoma Lottery prizes over $600 must be claimed in person either at an Authorized Oklahoma Lottery Claim Center or at Oklahoma Lottery Headquarters. All prizes over $5,000 must be claimed at Oklahoma Lottery Headquarters in Oklahoma City.

About the Oklahoma Lottery
Net proceeds of all Lottery games are used to support improvements and enhancements for Oklahoma education. More than $600 million has been contributed to education since November 2005 with funds appropriated by the State Legislature to pay debt service on a higher education capital bond issue; to pay support salaries for public schools and for equipment, scholarships and other purposes at our career and technology education institutions.


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