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Problem Gambling Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program

OKLAHOMA CITY (Sep. 10, 2014) - The Oklahoma Lottery announces a new Problem Gambling Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program (“SEP”) to help those dealing with gambling problems. The new program will be available starting September 12. Rollo Redburn, the Lottery Executive Director, said “Offering a Self-Exclusion Program to Oklahomans is the next step in the Oklahoma Lottery’s responsible gambling efforts to help those with gambling problems.”

Redburn goes on to say that, “The SEP is a responsible gambling measure designed to help players who classify themselves as a problem gambler by reducing the incentive to play lottery games. Those who opt into the program will self-exclude themselves from cashing a winning ticket worth more than $600. In addition to denial of prizes, SEP participants are denied access to the Lottery Players Club and Mobile Club. Participants are also denied any electronically distributed lottery information.”

Those who wish to enter into the SEP will submit a completed and notarized, Lottery-provided, legally binding agreement to the Lottery. Only the individual can enroll him/herself in the program. Agreements will not be accepted unless they are completed by and accompanied by proper ID from the person wishing to self-exclude. Family, friends and loved ones cannot enroll other individuals in the program.

In the Agreement, players acknowledge that they want to enter into a voluntary lifetime self-exclusion agreement restricting them from cashing lottery prizes worth more than $600. Players also acknowledge that they are excluded from accessing the Players Club and Mobile Club and from receiving any emails or texts about the lottery.

The Lottery will maintain a database containing SEP participant information. Whenever someone who has signed up for the SEP tries to claim a lottery prize in excess of $600, the individual will be denied prize payment.

SEPs are offered in some other states for casino and lottery gambling. A SEP is available in Oklahoma for casino gambling at various tribal casinos and through the Oklahoma Association for Problem and Compulsive Gambling. “We are pleased that the Lottery has implemented this program” said Wiley Harwell, Director of the Oklahoma Association for Problem and Compulsive Gambling. “This program will serve as an additional tool to help those with gambling problems.”

SEP information and player agreements are available by clicking on this link: Self Exclusion Agreement, may be picked up from Lottery offices located in Oklahoma City, and/or can be requested via regular mail and email.


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