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Crescent Man Wins $10,000 in Lottery Promotion

OKLAHOMA CITY (September 5, 2017) - David Rider of Crescent won $10,000 entering his non-winning $100,000 Golden Ticket Scratchers in the Oklahoma Lottery’s second chance promotional drawing.

Rider purchased ten $100,000 Golden Ticket Scratchers and won $185. He had six remaining non-winning tickets that he sent into Lottery Headquarters as entries into the $10,000 give-a-way.

Rider, who works at Miller EMS, is going to use the money to pay off a lawn mower he purchased after his was stolen.

In the past 8 weeks, the Lottery has given away more than $11.5 million dollars to players scratching our newest games. The Lottery has given away $3.9 million dollars to $100,000 Golden Ticket players.


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