Press Release

New Scratcher Quickly Produces a $27,000 Winner!

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – August 7,2006 - In its’ first week of sales, Ruby Red 7’s, from the Oklahoma Lottery has already produced a big winner. Mr. Lawerance Pyle of Enid became the first $27,000 winner in the Lottery’s new Instant Scratcher game when he claimed his prize on Monday, August 07, 2006.

Pyle purchased his ticket at the Conoco station on East Owen Street in Enid, his favorite lottery retailer.

“That’s where I always go to buy my lottery tickets,” said Pyle.

His wife wanted to stop at a different store, but Pyle was driving. Needless to say, Mrs. Pyle is happy her husband chose to go to the Conoco station. The couple likes to buy a few of each of the new tickets when the games are initially launched. “We’ve never won anything big,” stated Mrs. Pyle. They can’t say that anymore!

Ruby Red 7’s and Lucky Times 10 are the newest Scratchers available at lottery retail locations statewide.

For more information, please call Lisa Fortier at 405.522.7751.