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(Powerball) The Powerball game has reached a new record-breaking jackpot of $365 million.  A feature added to Powerball in 2002, the Match 5 BONUS Prize, kicks in for the second time in five months and is designed to provide more players with the opportunity to share in such a large prize.

“We are excited about being able to turn on this feature again.  The Match 5 Bonus spreads Powerball excitement and winnings even further,” said John Musgrave, Chairman of the Powerball Group and Director of the West Virginia Lottery.  “The Powerball game once again has two rolling prize levels.”

The portion of sales normally added to the jackpot amount above $365 million will be moved to the new BONUS Prize pool.  If a player wins Saturday’s estimated jackpot, any player who correctly matches the five white ball numbers will win an equal share of the BONUS Prize pool in addition to the usual prizes for that level.  The usual Match 5 prize is $200,000 and can be increased up to $1 million with purchase of the Power Play option.  The BONUS Prize is automatic and will be added to whatever Match 5 prizes are already won.  The BONUS Prize is available at no additional cost to the player.

“The great thing about this feature is that it comes at absolutely no additional cost to the player,” said Musgrave. “We hope that the players have fun with this way to share the winnings.”

Here’s how it works:

  • When the previous record Powerball jackpot has been surpassed, a new “Share the Winnings” feature sets jackpot growth to no more than $25 million per draw. Any additional funds that would go into the grand prize pool above the $25 million will be placed into a BONUS Prize Pool that will be divided equally among any 5 of 5 prize winners of the drawing in which the jackpot is hit.
  • Match 5 Bonus prizes are paid in a lump sum.
  • Check for the latest information on the size of the growing BONUS Prize Pool.
  • Winning Match 5 players who played Power Play will win $200,000 multiplied by the selected multiplier.  The BONUS prize will then be added to this total.  The BONUS prize is not multiplied by the Power Play option.
  • The BONUS Prize Pool grows until the jackpot is won.  The BONUS Prize Pool grows just as the primary jackpot pool rolls and is paid out only when there is a jackpot winner.
  • Players who match 5 white ball numbers for that drawing still win $200,000 or $200,000 times the Power Play number if the player purchased that option.

For more information click here Match 5 Bonus Prize

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