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Press Release

Match 5 Bonus Prize pool is now at $13 Million!

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK - February 17, 2006 - The Oklahoma Lottery Commission has announced that the Match 5 Bonus Prize pool is continuing to grow for Saturday’s Powerball drawing.

Match 5 Bonus works this way:

  • When the Powerball jackpot reaches a record level, the amount of the jackpot prize is limited to increases for each draw of no more than $25 million.
  • Jackpot prize money collected in excess of the maximum $25 million increase is placed into the Match 5 Bonus prize pool and accumulates until there is a jackpot winner.
  • On the night the record Powerball jackpot is hit, the Match 5 Bonus prize pool is divided equally among all winners of the Match 5 prize for that drawing.
  • Match 5 Bonus prize money is in addition to any Power Play prizes that may also be won. If, for example, a player matches all five white balls on the night the jackpot is won, and also purchased the Power Play option, his or her base prize money of $200,000 will be multiplied by the multiplier drawn (2, 3, 4 or 5).
  • The Match 5 Bonus prize is not multiplied by the Power Play number; only the base prize money is multiplied.
  • Match 5 Bonus prizes are paid in one cash lump sum.
  • The Match 5 Bonus feature does not require any additional purchase.

For continual updates on the amount currently in the Match 5 Bonus Pool, visit www.Powerball.com.

The Oklahoma Lottery makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of information provided on this website. In the event of any conflict between the winning numbers posted on this website and winning numbers as contained in the Oklahoma Lottery gaming system, the winning numbers as drawn and as contained in the gaming system will be treated as official. All winning tickets must be validated through the Oklahoma Lottery gaming system.