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Four New Instant Games Available Today

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – January 27, 2006 – Four new instant games featuring top prizes of $500 and $5,000 went on sale at lottery-contracted retail locations statewide this morning.  The new $1 and $2 games join the other instant scratch-off games already on sale.

The two new $1 games include Quick 5’s and Fast Cash:

The two new $2 games are Winner Take All and Cool Cash:

The Oklahoma Lottery began selling its first tickets on Oct. 12, 2005.  In the ensuing three-plus months, through Tuesday, Jan. 25, 2006, Oklahoma Lottery players have redeemed instant game prizes totaling more than $37 million.

According to lottery officials, today’s quadruple launch is part of a broader initiative to continually refresh the scratch-off product category and to maintain a high level of excitement among players.  “We also want our players to know there are more than 500 top prizes from $500 to $25,000 still to be won in the scratch games that have been on sale prior to today’s launch,” said Jim Scroggins, executive director of the Oklahoma Lottery.   A listing of the remaining prizes for each instant scratch-off game can be found on the lottery’s official website at www.lottery.ok.gov.

For more information contact Marisa Schrieber, PR Specialist, Jordan Associates, at 405.507.6209 or visit the Oklahoma Lottery’s official website at www.lottery.ok.gov.


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