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Press Release


OKLAHOMA CITY (June 12, 2008) – The Oklahoma Lottery has announced Keith Fulton, a 44-year-old Oklahoma City resident, as Oklahoma’s newest millionaire, winning in last night’s Powerball drawing. Fulton purchased his winning ticket at Paul’s Conoco Service Center at 10830 N. May Ave.

A regular at Paul’s for nearly 30 years, Fulton has been playing the Lottery since its launch.

“I was watching the drawing live but I knew I didn’t match the Powerball number so I didn’t immediately check my tickets,” he said. “Once I realized my numbers matched the five white balls I knew I had won a million dollars through Power Play. I hid my ticket in a Kleenex box and barely slept from the excitement.”

Fulton matched all five white balls winning $200,000.  Since Fulton selected the Power Play option his prize was multiplied to $1 million.  This is the second $1 million prize, as a result of the Power Play option, the Oklahoma Lottery has awarded.

His plans at the moment include vacationing, paying bills and investing—and he plans to keep working for at least 20 more years.

Retailer Bonus Program Awards $5,000Retailer Bonus Program Awards $5,000

Paul Dean of Paul’s Conoco is also a winner receiving $5,000 through the Lottery’s Retail Bonus Program. Dean plans to give 10 percent of the winnings to the clerk that sold the winning ticket and put the rest back into his business.

“It’s awesome that a millionaire came from this store, but we didn’t make him a millionaire,” he said. “Keith made himself a millionaire by playing the lottery and selecting the Power Play option. I have been a supporter of the Lottery all along and I believe it helps Oklahoma because it keeps the money in our state.”

Paul’s Conoco Service Center has been in business for 34 years.

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