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Oklahoma City (Nov. 20, 2008) ­ Robert Wagner III of Eufaula has claimed the $200,000 winning Powerball ticket from Saturday¹s drawing and his first purchase is going to be a new car for his daughter.

³When my daughter was in high school, I told her that if she was named valedictorian of her class, I would buy her a new car,² says Wagner. ³Well, she was named valedictorian but I haven¹t been able to purchase her a car.
Now we¹re going to buy one over Thanksgiving.²

Wagner also plans to use his money to help support his children¹s education.
As a father of three, once his children finish college he¹ll have an engineer, teacher and a preacher in the family. He¹s pleased the Lottery helps support Oklahoma¹s education.

³It¹s one reason I play because I¹m obviously a supporter of education,² he says.

Wagner plays the Lottery every week and he chose his winning numbers using birth dates and numbers he likes. He purchased his winning ticket at the Mission Acres Country Store, HC 63 Box 65B, in Eufaula where he was eating lunch when he learned he had won.

³My boss came to the table and said the store had sold a big winning ticket,² says Wagner. ³I was scared to check my ticket because I didn¹t want to be disappointed. I checked my ticket with the ticket checker and it said I needed to file a claim with the Oklahoma Lottery Commission. When I had the clerk check my ticket she started screaming so I grabbed the ticket and exited quickly!²

When asked how he¹ll spend the money on himself, Wagner says he¹ll pay off the mortgage on his farm and ³maybe purchase some new socks and jeans.²

About the Oklahoma Lottery
Net proceeds of all Lottery games are used to support improvements and enhancements for Oklahoma education. More than $232 million has been contributed to education since November 2005 with funds directed to the higher education capital bond issue and funds directed to the Oklahoma Education Lottery Trust Fund (OELTF). The Oklahoma Legislature appropriates the OELTF.

Proceeds are used statewide to supplement existing funds for a variety of important education purposes, including: teacher compensation and benefits, early childhood development programs, college scholarships, classroom technology and construction of educational facilities.

For more information about the Oklahoma Lottery, please visit www.lottery.ok.gov.


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