Press Release

Oklahoma Lottery Announces Latest Transfer
Education receives more than $86 million

The Oklahoma Lottery’s 1st Quarter FY 2007 transfer to the Oklahoma Education Lottery Trust fund topped $17.4 million.

“This is wonderful news coming on the heels of last week’s one-year anniversary of the Lottery’s launch,” said Jim Scroggins, Executive Director of the Oklahoma Lottery Commission.  “The transfer reinforces that Oklahoma education is the real winner with the Oklahoma Lottery.”

With the addition of the FY 2007 1st Quarter revenue, the Lottery has transferred to date $86,401,337 in new revenues to Oklahoma Education.

Below is a breakdown of how the funds are to be utilized:

  1. 45% - Kindergarten through 12th Grade Public Education, including but not limited to compensation and benefits for public school teachers and support employees, and early childhood development programs.

  2. 45% - Tuition grants, loans and scholarships to citizens of this state to enable such citizens to attend colleges and universities located within this state, construction of educational, capital outlay programs and technology for all levels of education, endowed chairs for professors at institutions and programs & personnel of the Oklahoma School for the Deaf and the Oklahoma School for the Blind.

  3. 5% - Teachers' Retirement System Dedicated Revenue Revolving Fund.

  4. 5% - School Consolidation and Assistance Fund.

In other Oklahoma Lottery news, the Lottery is gearing up to launch its First Anniversary Raffle on November 10, the 1-year anniversary of Pick 3’s launch. This limited-time-only game will feature a top prize of $250,000 with only 200,000 $5 tickets being sold.

With each ticket purchase, players also will receive a mail-in entry for a chance to win a 2006 Oklahoma Lottery custom-painted Victory Vegas Jackpot Motorcycle. The raffle also includes two second-tier prizes of $50,000 and 300 third-tier prizes of $500.

The First Anniversary Raffle drawing will be live at the International Finals Rodeo in Oklahoma City on January 20, 2007.

For more information please contact Houston Hunt at (405) 507-6276.