Press Release

Lottery Sales Top $11.6 Million; 12 new players claim top prize today

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – October 18, 2005

Another 12 players won top instant scratch-off prizes from the Oklahoma Lottery today, as total sales topped $11.6 million. Estimated sales are based on ticket activations as well as ticket pack settlements.

The aggregate breakdown of winners by top prize is as follows:

According to Lottery officials, retailers are reordering tickets at a healthy clip.

In the initial distribution, the Lottery allocated 60 packs of tickets to each retailer for a total 72,000 packs at start-up. As of 5 p.m. today, 685 new retailer orders totaling more than 24,000 packs of tickets had been filled since last Wednesday’s launch.

A sales update as well as the first “week in review” will be issued tomorrow afternoon.