Press Release

Oklahoma Lottery Generating New Business for Retailers

As the one-year anniversary of the Oklahoma Lottery nears this week, local businesses are reaping benefits, to the tune of $15.27 million.

“Besides the real winner, which is Oklahoma education, area businesses are benefiting financially from the Lottery,” said Beverly Hughes, Director of Sales and Marketing for the Oklahoma Lottery Commission.

Oklahoma retailers who sell lottery tickets are paid a six percent commission for every dollar sold. In the first year of sales, those commissions have totaled more than $15 million. In addition to the commissions paid, there is also increased store traffic due to offering Lottery tickets.

Nationwide, lottery sales have a positive impact on convenience store sales according to the Association for Convenience and Petroleum Retailing.

Some highlights…

The Oklahoma Lottery will celebrate its first year of sales on October 12. In that time, Oklahomans have won more than $129 million, and more than $65 million has been transferred to benefit education in the state.

Hughes said retailers who are interested in becoming an authorized Oklahoma Lottery retailer should contact the Oklahoma Lottery at 1-888-PLAY OLC (7529 652).

For more information, contact Houston Hunt at (405) 840-3201 or visit the Oklahoma Lottery’s official website at