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OKLAHOMA CITY (Sept. 3, 2008) – An Oklahoma office pool has claimed their winning Powerball ticket worth $30,000. For a laugh, they call their group ‘8 Lucky Ladies & A Man’ and it’s meant quite literally. Frank Jeffries, Jr., of Broken Arrow is the lone man. Each member of the group gets a $3,333.33 payout before taxes.8 Lucky Ladies and a Man Photo
Earlene Ola of Tulsa is responsible for buying the group’s tickets every Friday night before she goes to the movies. Ola purchased the winning ticket at the Quick Trip located at 10028 S. Memorial in Tulsa. The group plays every Saturday unless they win. If they win, they use their prize money toward the next Wednesday’s drawing.
The rest of the group includes LaTressa Avery and Shelley Chandler of Broken Arrow, Kay Gamallo of Sand Springs, Melinda Hagy of Bixby, Lori Williams of Bartlesville and Benita Levingston and Diana Smith of Oklahoma City.
Spread throughout the state, the group’s individual plans for the winnings are as widespread as their locations. Some plan to rev up the economy by shopping and vacationing while others are planning home improvement projects and even ‘self’ improvements such as tattooed eyeliner. Another is giving her money to her mother to spend on an upcoming trip.
“I just thank God for winning,” said Ola. “I had fallen asleep before the drawing but once I woke up, I checked the website and realized we had won. I started calling everyone but it was so late some of them thought they were dreaming!”
The group encourages others to play and since their recent win, their office pool may be expanding.
Oklahoma City Woman Wins $10K Playing Powerball

Marketia Head-Green of Oklahoma City has claimed her winning Powerball ticket worth $10,000. She purchased her ticket at the Circle K located at 441 SW 74 in Oklahoma City.
Head-Green plays the Lottery sporadically and bought her ticket on a whim since she happened to have an extra $1. She was shocked to learn she had won.
“I didn’t believe it,” she said. “I had to go to the station and have the clerk check my ticket.”
Head-Green is glad the Lottery supports Oklahoma’s education and she plans on using her winnings toward tithing and a scholarship fund at her church and her own rainy day account.

Net proceeds of all Lottery games are used to support improvements and enhancements for Oklahoma education. More than $215 million has been contributed to education since November 2005.
Proceeds are used statewide to supplement existing funds for a variety of important education purposes, including: teacher compensation and benefits, early childhood development programs, college scholarships, classroom technology and construction of educational facilities.     
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