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Application to Become an Oklahoma Lottery Retailer

Contract Renewal

Your Lottery Retailer Sales Contract is an annual contract which expires one year from the month in which you were authorized to start selling lottery tickets. As long as you are adhering to Lottery procedures and making timely payments for amounts owed to the Lottery, your contract will be automatically renewed each year.


For contract renewal, you will be charged $50 per location as a bond. The $50 per location bond will automatically be added to the funds sweep for the 2nd weekly sweep during your renewal month, and will be identified on your weekly invoice, unless you inform us in writing prior to that time that you don’t want to renew your contract.

Change in ownership

Any changes in the ownership, address or nature of your business, which occurs between renewal periods, must be immediately reported to the Lottery Commission. Oklahoma Lottery Retail Contracts are not transferable. If you have already sold the business, or if you are planning to sell the business, please let us know prior to the sale so we can help work out a seamless transition and help you to avoid conflict over invoicing.

If you have any questions, contact the Retail Contracts Department at (405) 522 7735.

Retailer Application

If you are interested in selling lottery tickets, now is the time to complete an application and submit it to the Oklahoma Lottery Commission.

Oklahoma Lottery Retailer Application (PDF format)
The latest version is dated 04/24/2018. Please use that version for all applications to sell lottery products.

Retail Forms

How To Read Your Weekly Invoice (PDF format)
Retailer Accounting Help 2018 (Includes a Sales Activity Report Sample & Reconciliation Worksheet) (PDF format)
Pack Tracking (PDF format)
Proof of Loss Form (PDF format)

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