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Policy on Retailer Requests for Adjustment

You may make a request for adjustment to your lottery account by completing the Oklahoma Lottery Commission (OLC) Retailer Request for Adjustment form. You may obtain this form from your Marketing Sales Representative (MSR) or an OLC employee. All requests for adjustment are reviewed by lottery security personnel. If approved, a credit adjustment will be included on your next weekly invoice.  Not all requests will be approved and falsifying information on a request for adjustment may result in suspension or termination of a lottery sales contract, or other legal action (see Title 3A, Section 720 of the Oklahoma Statutes).

You relinquish all rights to the ticket and any supporting documentation when submitted with the Retailer Request for Adjustment form. The ticket becomes the property of OLC. The ticket will not be returned to you even if the credit adjustment is denied. The retailer’s statement should explain the problem and why the adjustment is being requested. You should provide as much information as possible to help explain the situation. If more space is needed, attach additional page(s) and indicate that you have attached additional information.

You should provide any supporting documentation, such as the original ticket, the playslip, REPRINT ticket or evidence of paper jam, if available. Please do not staple the supporting documentation to the Request for Adjustment form. Place all supporting items in an envelope, seal and label the envelope using your retailer number, date and attach the envelope to the adjustment form using a paper clip.

The retailer of record or their authorized representative should complete Sections 1 and 2 of the form (Retailer’s Statement) and sign and date the form where indicated.  Detailed information should be provided by the employee who experienced the problem. It is permissible to have the employee who experienced the problem prepare the statement. The retailer / owner or manager should verify all of the information in the Retailer’s Statement form. An MSR or OLC employee may assist the retailer with completing the request for adjustment, but the “Retailer’s Statement” must be signed by the retailer of record or their authorized representative. 

The MSR will review the Retailer’s Request for Adjustment, including the Retailer’s Statement and the provided documentation, preferably in the presence of the retailer.

Instant Tickets
If the adjustment request relates to instant tickets, you should complete the Retailer Request for Adjustment form, provide appropriate explanation of the situation, and attach the tickets.

Online Tickets
If the adjustment request relates to an online game, you should call the SGI hotline (1-866-369-4925) immediately after the problem occurs and describe the situation. Provide ticket transaction serial numbers and any other information requested by SGI hotline personnel. Be sure to note the date and  time of the call and the Control Number provided by hotline personnel and include this information in the Retailer’s Statement. OLC will not provide credit if a problem with an online ticket is not reported prior to the close of sales for the draw date on the ticket.  The Retailer Request for Adjustment form and supporting documentation should be submitted to OLC as soon as possible, but no later than 45 days from the date the problem occurred. Do NOT submit Hot Lotto or Powerball tickets before the end of the draw period of the ticket(s).  You can only be reimbursed for non-winning tickets.

In the event of a terminal malfunction, the defective play / ticket must be confirmed immediately by producing a REPRINT ticket. A reprint must be done prior to the next transaction. Call the Scientific Games International, Inc. (SGI) hotline at 1-866-369-4925 immediately to report the problem and obtain a Control Number to document what has occurred. Include the REPRINT ticket in the documentation you submit with your Request for Adjustment form.

If OLC determines that an adjustment is appropriate, a credit may be issued for the cost of the ticket.

Retailers are advised to obtain cash in hand and using the confirmation screen, verify with the player their number selection(s) and ticket cost, whether by playslip, easy pick or manual entry, before processing and printing any online ticket. 

The Oklahoma Lottery Commission will not approve adjustments for the following:

   1.  Terminal malfunctions where the retailer did not follow the required reporting procedures, as explained above.
   2.  No credit will be issued when the original ticket is legible or is the result of a clerk or player error, including:
         a. Tickets printed by mistake;
         b. Sight validation and payment of a winning ticket without it first being validated through an Oklahoma Lottery terminal;
         c. Customer refused to pay;
         d. Ticket was not what customer wanted (clerk error).
   3.  No credit will be issued for any winning ticket.
   4.  Statements on the Retailer Request for Adjustment form are not supported by documentation or other evidence provided.
   5.  Problem is not due to a telecommunications network, terminal hardware, or software error or other malfunction.
   6.  Statements are not supported by system transaction logs maintained by SGI or OLC.
   7.  Requests that are not timely.

Any exceptions to this policy requires the approval of the Executive Director.


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