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Instant Game Procedures
Top Prize $40,000
Ticket Price $5
Overall Odds 1 in 3.38
Tickets Printed 1,458,960

GAME 1 - Get a star symbol symbol in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal row like Tic Tac Toe and win PRIZE in prize box.
GAME 2 - If your total equals 7 or 11 in any one ROW, win that PRIZE.
GAME 3 - Match any of YOUR NUMBERS to either WINNING NUMBER, win prize shown for that number.
MONEY BAG BONUS - MONEY BAG symbols may appear in any game. Count the number of MONEY BAG symbols revealed in games 1-3 and refer to the MONEY BAG BONUS legend to determine the prize won. Only the highest MONEY BAG BONUS paid.

Mouse over the ticket image to see
a winning ticket example.

GAME 1 - Player reveals star symbol symbols in a a vertical row for a $5 win. GAME 2 - Player reveals a MONEY BAG symbol for a $5 win. GAME 3 - Player matches WINNING NUMBER 8 to YOUR NUMBER 8 for a $15 win. Player wins $25 total.

Odds 1 in:

The odds of an individual game are based on the number of winning tickets compared to the total number of tickets printed. This does not mean that 1 out of every 4 tickets purchased is a winner because winning tickets are randomly distributed throughout each game. Odds of winning are calculated based on every ticket in the game, not on the number of tickets purchased by an individual customer.
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