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Oklahoma Education Lottery Act and Related Statutes

Oklahoma Education Lottery Act as amended to-date, Article 10, Section 41 of the Oklahoma Constitution, and related statutes PDF or Text

2013 Legislative Session:

There were several different Senate and House Bills introduced amending the Oklahoma Education Lottery Act.  Only one of these bills, HB1532, was passed to the Governor by the Legislature, and it was approved by the Governor.  One bill introduced in the House included Lottery-requested language to remove the current profit restriction which would allow the Lottery to increase profits – in other words, provide more actual dollars to education.  This bill was not passed.

The bill amending the Lottery Act which was passed by the 2013 Legislature and approved by the Governor was:

HB 1532 – increased the amount of unclaimed prizes that are to be provided to the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services from $500,000 to $750,000.  As indicated to lawmakers, this action will reduce the amount of funding that can be put into prize payouts in future games, thereby reducing sales and overall profit provided to education.


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