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Best Practices

Cash in Hand
Online tickets can not be voided once they have been printed and credit refunds are not guaranteed. For these reasons we strongly suggest that you always get the cash from your customer before printing their ticket. As a best practice utilizing the confirmation screen on the Extrema terminal, confirming the purchase with the customer and having cash in hand will help reduce the number of misprinted tickets you may have in addition to providing good customer service.

Shift Accounting
Securing your instant ticket inventory can be a little more difficult than your online tickets. For this reason we strongly recommend that you implement an instant ticket tracking system at the beginning and end of each shift every day. Recording the ticket numbers for each game at the beginning and end of each shift will help you account for your instant ticket sales daily. This can also protect you financially in the event of a robbery and can aide in the investigation of a theft case.

To reconcile your instant ticket inventory, record your beginning ticket number when the shift begins and the ending ticket number at the close of the shift. Calculate the number of tickets sold during the shift by subtracting the beginning ticket number from the ending ticket number for each game and then multiply by the value of that game. Add the total for each game to find the instant sales total for the shift. Subtract the total instant ticket cashes from the total amount sold and this amount should be the cash taken for the day.

The following documents will assist you in tracking and reconciling your Scratchers Tickets and Online Games.

How To Use The Reconciliation Report With Scratch Tickets (pdf)

How To Read Your Weekly Invoice (pdf)

Pack Tracking Worksheet (pdf)

Proof of Loss Form (pdf)

Winner AwarenessWinner Board Display
Winner awareness can increase consumer excitement and lottery sales for your store.
As a retailer, you can post signs calling out winners that will inform your customers
they might win too.

Your Lottery sales representatives can supply banners to call out winners. A designated winner’s awareness board is a great idea that can be utilized to display the number and amount of winners paid by your store. Or you can take pictures of winners and post them so friends and neighbors can share in the winner’s good fortune.

Here are a few examples, ask to see your Lottery Marketing Sales Representative's new Promotional Catalog for more great ideas for your store.

Powerball Winner Awareness Banner
Mega Millions Just A Buck
Powerball Winner Awareness Banner
Mega Millions
Look Who Won Here Sign

Customize Your Own Sign
This Store Sold A Winning Ticket Sticker

This Store Sold A $$$ Winning Ticket
Customized to Fit Your Store's Needs

Lottery Look
We strive to preserve our brand image by delivering a uniform presence across our retail network. As a lottery retailer we ask that you help us maintain this image by:

  • Keeping your instant ticket dispensers full at all times, located near point of sale and merchandised with ticket inserts
  • Keeping your play station clean and free of trash and debris as well as stocked with all available play slips
  • Cleaning your Extrema terminal weekly
  • Displaying your Extrema CDU close to point of sale with the LED screen visible to the customer
  • Displaying clean and fresh lottery signage throughout the store and in the windows

This will help our customers identify you as a lottery retailer and help you grow your lottery business.

Lottery Look Playstation Display Lottery Look How to Play Brochures Instant Ticket Dispensers Picture
Don't forget to play! Floor Stickers Lottery Look Player Activated Terminal Play Here Signage

The Plan-O-Gram focuses on sorting instant tickets by price point (highest to lowest) maximizing sales by keeping the higher priced tickets in the most visible slots. Ask your Marketing Sales Representative to update your instant ticket dispenser during their regular visits.

Frequently Asked Question's

Stolen and Lost Tickets

Q. I noticed that my Scratchers were stolen from my store, what do I do?

A. Contact your local law enforcement immediately. Once you have contacted law enforcement, contact the Lottery Security Department at (405) 522-7765. Security business hours are 7:30 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday thru Friday. Do not delay in contacting the Lottery Security Department. In the event that the robbery takes place during non-business hours of the Lottery Security Department, please call the Scientific Games hotline at 1-866-369-4925 to report. You must provide game, pack numbers and ticket numbers for all games that were stolen.

Remember, the sooner you report this to Lottery Security the sooner you can limit your loss.

Cashing Winning Tickets

Q. What prize amount am I obligated to pay as a lottery retailer?

A . Retailers should pay winning tickets up to $600. Any winning ticket over $600 must be paid at an Authorized Claim Center or at Lottery Headquarters. If a retailer does not have cash on hand, they have the option to pay a winning ticket by business check or money order. Remember, you earn commission on winning lottery tickets that you have paid. Paying winning tickets keeps customers coming back to your store and builds customer loyalty.

Purchasing Lottery Tickets

Q. Can customers use credit cards, debit cards or checks to purchase lottery tickets?

A. No, lottery purchases are cash only transactions.

Q. What is the age limit for purchasing or redeeming lottery tickets?

A. Only persons 18 years of age or older may purchase or redeem lottery tickets. If you are uncertain of the age of a lottery player please ask for ID.

Cancelling and Voiding Online Tickets

Q. I have printed an online ticket by mistake can I cancel it?

A. No, according to the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL) regulations, online tickets such as Powerball, Hot Lotto, and Mega Millions may not be cancelled or voided.

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