Enter $5 worth of any $1 non-winning Scratcher tickets in the online entry below to be eligible for the Kawasaki Motorcycle promotion.

Promotion starts March 4, 2013 and ends April 28, 2013. Drawing will be held April 30, 2013.


Win a Kawasaki Motorcycle by entering $5 worth of $1 non-winning Scratchers in the entry form below.

Congratulations to Beverly Large of Oklahoma City, OK,
for winning the custom designed Ninja 250R motorcycle
from the Oklahoma Lottery and the House of Kawasaki.


Oklahoma Lottery Website

Players may enter the promotion via the Oklahoma Lottery website (Entry Form Below). To enter, players must submit all of their contact information and the required codes from the entry ticket. Players may be required to present the original entry ticket to complete the validation process if selected as a winner. If you enter online and cannot produce the ticket if you are selected as a potential winner, you will be disqualified.

Entries must be submitted by the end of day on the final day of the entry deadline to be eligible for the drawing.


Winner(s) will be notified via phone/mail of their winner status using the contact information provided on the entry ticket/submission after all validation and verification has taken place.

OLC / HOK Custom Bike Promotional Procedures (pdf format)


The entry for Kawasaki Motorcycle will be available
on March 4, 2013 until April 28, 2013.