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Add a little WOO HOO to your office . . . Pool Play!

Everyone is having a blast playing the Oklahoma Lottery, and now there are more chances to play and more chances to win! Get your office pool together to play for a chance to hit it BIG with Oklahoma POWERBALL and Hot Lotto when you Pool Play.

Start your pool today! Get Organized
  1. Designate a pool manager or team captain – this person will be in charge of motivating office members to play, gathering money, purchasing tickets, and completing legal documents when you win.
  2. Assign assistants to help with the organization. 
  3. Find a safe spot to store the money contributed from your team members.
  4. Keep up with any team members who have paid.
  5. Feel free to contact the Oklahoma Lottery with any questions you may have on Pool Play by calling
    (405) 522-7700.
Pool Play Tools
Click on the links below to download documents to post in your office.

Pool Play Sign Up Sheet PDF Format

Pool Play Sign Up Sheet (PDF, JPG)

Pool Play Poster PDF Format

Pool Play Poster

How to Pool Play

  • Group players should elect two or three pool managers to purchase the group's tickets. The pool managers should let the rest of the group know where the tickets are purchased.
  • Make copies of the tickets for the group and post them or let the members know what the numbers are.
  • Write your group name on the back of the original tickets and make sure they are kept in a safe place that can be found, if necessary, by your group members.
  • Discuss ahead of time what you will do with any winnings, such as purchase more tickets, divide the winnings, etc. If you are going to divide the winnings, the process you use to do that should be clear to all group players.
  • Putting this information in writing for the entire group is always wise. Be sure everyone knows how this will work.
  • When you win, have everyone fill out an agreement to share ownership and proceeds of the groups lottery ticket and provide copies of the required identification. We can issue individual checks to all your group members.
  • Have a notification system in place or a list of phone numbers where members can be reached - especially over a weekend.
  • Consider designating one member to be the spokesperson.
  • Who will be the "go to" financial advisor for the group? You may want to contact a financial advisor prior to claiming your prize.
  • Here are some questions you may want to discuss with your Pool Players before purchasing tickets:
  • How will you claim your winning ticket? Who will go claim it - everyone, pool managers? How long after the drawing will you claim your prize?
Winning the Lottery is fun! Planning ahead of time can ensure that you enjoy your win!
Pool Play Calculator
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