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Diamond Mine

Ticket Price:

Launch Date:

Overall Odds:
1 in 3.46

Top Prize:

Game Number:

Tickets Printed:

How to Win

Game play instructions:
1. Scratch YOUR NUMBERS box to reveal your 24 numbers.

2. Scratch all the numbers in the four Diamonds that match those in YOUR NUMBERS box.

3. If you match all the numbers ACROSS on the same HORIZONTAL line in any Diamond, win prize for that same line.

In the sample ticket above:
PLAYER revealed 60 and 37 in DIAMOND2 for a $25 win.

Prizes & Odds

Prize: Approx. Odds 1 in:
$3 5.56
$5 24.98
$8 33.32
$10 50.10
$15 201.17
$25 132.86
$75 399.53
$100 1,004.62
$250 11,882.82
$500 23,336.14

Instant Game Procedures: DIAMOND MINE (PDF)

The odds of an individual game are based on the number of winning tickets compared to the total number of tickets printed. Winning tickets are randomly distributed throughout the entire game. Odds of winning are calculated on every ticket in the game, not on the number of tickets purchased by an individual customer. All Scratchers displayed are for demonstration purposes only!

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