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Oklahoma Lottery Winners

  • Amanda won $25,000 a year playing Lucky For Life
  • Won $40,000 playing Red Hot Riches
  • Aron won $1,000 playing Diamond Mine
  • Connie won $1,000 playing Big Money Game
  • Chester won $16,000 playing 20 Times The Money
  • DeShannon won $1,000 playing Fruit Fortune

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August / 2019 Winners:

Prize Game Name Hometown
  $3,000  Winner Winner Chicken Dinner   Tabitha  G Oklahoma City, OK
  $1,000  20X The Money   Thomas  S Tulsa, OK
  $7,000  Lucky 7   Ambrose  I Tulsa, OK
  $1,000  Diamond Deluxe   Dusti  R Maysville, OK
  $1,001  Cash 5   Wilbur  T Muskogee, OK
  $624  Mega Millions   Gary  W Tulsa, OK
  $1,000  Big Money Game   Randall  S Duncan, OK
  $50,000  Powerball   Derrick  B Oklahoma City, OK
  $1,000  Cash King   Shannon  W Muskogee, OK
  $10,000  Cash King   Susana   H Elk City, OK
  $1,000  Cash King   Cynthia  E Ewing, OK
  $1,000  Big Money Game   Lucritcia  B Tulsa, OK
  $1,000  Big Money Game   Bruce  A Lawton, OK
  $1,000  Big Money Game   Greta  G Del City, OK
  $25,000  Cash 5   Carlos  O Yukon, OK
  $40,000  Red Hot Riches   William  H Park Hill, OK
  25,000/ year for life  Lucky for Life   Amanda  D Tulsa, OK
  $1,000  Cash King   Rabia  A Tulsa, OK
  $1,000  Cash King   Hector  B Oklahoma City, OK
  $1,000  Big Money Game   Christopher  P Mustang, OK
  $1,000  Diamond Mine   Aron  H Wagoner, OK
  $1,000  Big Money Game   Robert  N Blanchard, OK
  $1,000,000  Powerball   Efrain  G Tulsa, OK
  $1,000  Big Money Game   Connie  M Cortland, NY
  $1,000  Diamond Mine   Kristi  S Noble, OK
  $1,000  Big Money Game   Lori  S Waynoka, OK
  $1,000  Big Money Game   Mercedes  B Enid, OK
  $5,053  Lucky for Life   Stanley  D Cache, OK
  $1,000  Big Money Game   Merceds  B Enid, OK
  $1,506  Mega Millions   Morgan  P Tulsa, OK
  $2,500  Red Hot Riches   Mario  R Oklahoma City, OK
  $1,000  Big Money Game   Lamont  T Seminole, OK

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